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Jason de Graaf

Jason de Graaf from Quebec describes his process as "staging an alternate reality". In his paintings, he strives to capture a vibrant depth that is rarely found in photography, rather than depicting reality faithfully. The relationship between light and reflective, transparent surfaces is a recurring theme. De Graaf regards it as a means…

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What people are saying

"have people forgotten about Charles Bell? - this is a shallow tribute act."


"I want to see these paintings in a gallery. I really thought it was photos until I read the description - and I'm still not convinced that is paint! Amazing."


"That's AMAZING! It looks just like a photograph! Beautiful art work."


"Out of experience, emotion and our creativity comes your expression called Art. Only when we add the mind can an observer read it. But, only, when we add the heart, can an observer understand it an"

Telly Savalas Lattimore

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