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AAD Guest Curators Archive

About our guest curators

With 2400+ artists in our archives we realize it can be daunting to find your favorites. To help, we have partnered with artists, gallery owners, collectors and curators by asking them to share their top five favorite artists on the site.

Each of these people have made careers out of their love of art so we asked them to share what they like with you.

Enjoy browsing through what these influential people picked and stay tuned for more guest curators.

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Lawren Alice
Co-founder/Curator, Arch Enemy Arts
Valerie Hegarty
Brooklyn, NY artist
Liz Stinson
Writer, WIRED Design
Patrick Earl Hammie
Chicago, IL artist
Patrick Bremer
Berlin, Germany artist
Danijela Krha
Editor, Beautiful Bizarre magazine
Shawn Frederick
Photographer and Director
Seth Orion Schwaiger
Glasgow, Scotland artist
Danielle Krysa
Founder of The Jealous Curator
Michael Shapcott
Plainville, CT artist
Alice Yoo
Founder/editor, My Modern Metropolis
Marco Mazzoni
Milan, Italy artist
Ken Harman
Owner, Spoke Art Gallery
Derek Gores
Melbourne, FL artist
Zach Tutor
Curator of Supersonic Electronic
Scott Naismith
Glasgow, Scotland artist
Josh Keyes
Portland, OR artist
Jason deCaires Taylor
Cancun, Mexico artist
Samantha French
Brooklyn, NY artist
David Kassan
Brooklyn, NY artist
Amsterdam, The Netherlands artist
Steven Diamant
Owner, Arcadia Gallery
Ryan Roth
Art Director, Roth Management
Scott Eagle
Asst. Dir. / Professor ECU
Andrew Hosner
Owner, Thinkspace Gallery
Jennifer van Tuyl
Founder, Urban Art House
Dennis Ammann
Owner, 5 Pieces Gallery
Kirsten Anderson
Owner, Roq La Rue Gallery
Kumi Yamashita
New York, NY artist
David B. Smith
Owner, David B. Smith Gallery
Greg Gossel
Minneapolis, MN artist
Sharon Dowell
Charlotte, NC artist
Aunny De La Rosa
Dir. Comm., deviantART
Tracey M. Hawkins
Curator / Art Professor
Christopher Jobson
Creator/Editor, Colossal
Elisa Carmichael
Editor, tasj magazine
Mary Iverson
Seattle, WA artist
Andreas Englund
Stockholm, SE artist
Robert Standish
Los Angeles, CA artist
Scott Listfield
Somerville, MA artist
K. Cromwell & J. Karp
Owners, Gallery 1988
Garry Booth
Owner, Phone Booth Gallery
Jeff Demetriou
Atlanta, GA artist
Ali Cavanaugh
St. Louis, MO artist
Natalie Shau
Vilnius, Lithuania artist
Sayaka Ganz
Fort Wayne, IN artist
Annie Vought
Oakland, CA artist
Jim Kazanjian
Portland, OR artist
Brooke Shaden
Los Angeles, CA artist
Geoff Pitchford
Dave Pitman
Justin Giarla
Owner, White Walls Gallery
Kevin Box
Santa Fe, NM artist