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Neil Craver

Neil Craver started out a painter and sculptor before becoming a photographer. He was moved in this direction by a growing interest in psychophysical effects of colors on the brain. He is of the opinion that photography contains the intrinsic values of all other art forms. ‘This is the foundation of the origins…

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What people are saying

"Very other worldly. Found these after Ninja warrior said he was a photographer. Love the vintage look photos and the aspect of bubbles and sunlight underwater. One of the newest images I've seen in a"

Colleen Odell

"pretty shapes of bouyent ladys, light refracts oddly and wonderly.... love to see pretty woman dressed for bed underwater.... will look for more of this! fanticy... great work, great art...."


"I love it."


"woah! taht second one really grabs me!"


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