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David G. Baker

David Baker describes his paintings as being, in the simplest sense, a mix of realist scenes

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What people are saying

"First, you are an extremely talented artist. With that said, Every. Single. Picture. invokes immediate horrible memories from my childhood, my mother, my siblings.. These pictures describe abuse, "


"I can so relate that to a time in my life when laying on the couch while the children amused them selfs equaled a weekend at the spa. Bravo. You captured my memories, my emotions and what is now a ver"


"could he be the next Norman Rockwell......he is as realistic as Rockwell was with as much feeling. ..."

d. field

"not only does he depict the nature of his subject perfectly through composition and color schemes, but he captures the nostalgic effects of family and simpler times. you can feel these paintings."


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