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Guest curator: Marla Lombard  Former AVP, Christie's Fine Art Auctioneers

Marla's selections

Sayaka Ganz

Fort Wayne, IN

"Sayaka Ganz's horses could feel frozen or fossilized. But her horses are bursting with force, strength and fluid movement. Sayaka has given life to the recycled objects she uses. Instead of reading as stop motion, her horses create a movie we can play backward or forward in our heads. They are running from somewhere. They are pushing forward. She makes art that becomes a running story. Brilliant use of space, time, physicality and movement."

Chris Antemann

Portland, OR

"I love Chris Antemann's work. No silly pastiche of 18th century porcelain figurines here. Don't be fooled by the apparent sweet foolishness. Look closer and you will see she is making art about us. Her charming, funny, pastel little sculptures are more than the lush life of desire. Chris gives us ourselves in uncertainty, rivalry, hopelessness, superiority and all sorts of contemporary complicated social dynamics."

Patricia Morris

Pointe Claire, QC, Canada

"Gerhard Richter started blurring his paintings, and since then, many artists do. But this is not just a blurred painting: This is PURE SPEED. Patricia Morris’ work reminds me of being a child in the backseat of the car. Dad's driving and the kids are sitting back letting the world slip by. But she punched up the country drive to Grandma’s house to nearly warp speed! Her landscapes are recognizable and beautiful, and Patricia Morris pushes her paintings to the edge of abstraction, a crash or the sound barrier! Great adrenaline rush."

Sarah Zar

Brooklyn, NY

"I saw Sara Zar's painting and couldn't forget it. It is a beautifully crafted painting in technique and composition. This piece evokes the 19th century Swedish painters who understood cool, natural Northern light. The content could be contemporary: A couple who are having a weekend away from the city at the beach. But they could just as easily be a 19th century rural couple. Either way, the two are having a private moment, ecstatic or shattering, and we are witness to it."

Ben Blatt

Brooklyn, NY

"I am enamored with Ben Blatt’s art. He takes us to exotic places that are nearly familiar. They remind me of 19th century botanicals, but all mixed together in some delightful world. I want to go into his work, but I am pretty sure something is lurking there. The scale is a little crazy in a great way: when I look at his work, I feel like I'm Alice in Wonderland grown big and small simultaneously!"

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