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Guest curator: Liz Devlin  founder of FLUX. Boston

Liz's selections

Audrey Kawasaki

Brooklyn, NY

"I remember when I first saw Audrey’s work as a teenager, it was one of those times when you audibly say ‘wow’. Her airy handling of oils almost makes you mistake the medium for watercolor. Audrey’s enigmatic figures have so much dimension, they seem to convey a sense of mystery, sensuality, and melancholy through their gaze."

Andy Denzler

Zurich, Switzerland

"I really love to see the emergence of glitch paintings and other forms of “post-internet art” that are physical expressions of digital media, it’s such a burgeoning area of exploration. Andy’s paintings seem to speak to the impermanence of memories and their inevitable erosion. The ruptured images capture a moment in time, yet the abstracted interference implies a sense of transience that makes the work feel infinite."

Jennifer Davis

Minneapolis, MN

"Jennifer is one of my favorite artists to follow, her work is filled with a sense of whimsy and wonder. And I always love her experiments with non-traditional canvases. One day you might find her transforming wooden fruits into tiny misfit creatures and the next she is breathing new life into well-loved thrift store finds."

Marc Burckhardt

Austin, TX

"I am a sucker for the surreal. I’m drawn to dreamy tableaux that present bizarre situations as if they are completely normal scenes from everyday life. I love how Marc’s work takes an old world aesthetic reminiscent of the Dutch Masters and enlivens it with the presence of off-kilter elements."

Wayne White

Los Angeles, CA

"How can you not love the work of Wayne White? He has been a huge inspiration to me as a curator. Wayne’s work emphasizes that there is room for humor in the art world and his large-scale installations are always incredibly imaginative. He truly knows how to activate a gallery space and make it enchanting."

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