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Guest curator: Matt Wyatt  Founder/President of Rochester MFA

Matt's selections

Meghan Howland

Portland, ME

"The only thing bigger than Meghan’s talent is her heart. I’ve exhibited her work at the museum and had the pleasure of studying with her while furthering our education. She’s easily one of the kindest and most talented people I’ve ever met. Meghan deserves every accolade for what she does. Her paintings are like dreamscapes.. although the mood is often ambiguous, but there is clearly an emotional nature to them that draws the viewer in and keeps them there. You want to know what she’s thinking and feeling in every piece."

Ryan Wallace

Brooklyn, NY

"I love work that is atmospheric and without border. Ryan’s combination of material, color, and texture sort of mystifies me and I can’t help but want to pull it apart layer by layer to see what he’s doing. That’s when you know its good."

Wayne White

Los Angeles, CA

"I’ve had the pleasure of exhibiting Wayne’s work at the museum. He initially found success in television by on shows like Peewee’s Playhouse and others. One of the things people remember about him is the incredibly playful and almost psychedelic scenery he crafted. His style transcends his work on television and can still be seen in his paintings today. There is a very clear link between the two. His meticulously painted phrases are fun and provocative and bring joy to people. He is one of my favorites because he is the real deal. — There’s nothing snobby or arrogant about what he does on canvas. He’s not trying to play a joke or belittle the viewer… You don’t have to achieve some sort of philosophical epiphany in order to “get it”. It’s meant to be fun, light, and entertaining."

Eugene Soloviev

Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

"I enjoy Eugene’s work because of the way he slices solitary figures out of everyday life and drops them into unfamiliar scenes. He’s inventive and daring the way he combines images. He’s certainly an emerging artist worth keeping an eye on to see how he progresses with time."

Kenji Hirata

Nagasaki, Japan

"Kenji is exactly the type of artist I want for exhibition in the museum. His work is fun and futuristic and pulled completely from his mind. His works are inspired by nature and he claims that they are mere “glimpses into his universe”. His murals would revive any depressing city and surely improve their perception while also inspiring change and revitalization. The brilliant colors and his use of space, proportion, and shape stirs your energy. It’s hard not to smile."

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