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About us

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Our mission is simply to make introductions between people who love art and people who make it

We aim to raise awareness of fine art globally, through establishing personal connections between professional Artists and people who love Art.

From our perspective Artists are often under-valued, under-exposed, and under-appreciated. Through our membership base of over one million people, we are able to bring immediate and lasting attention for Artists who would otherwise remain under-exposed. Very simply, if we can expose one person to a work of art they would have otherwise missed, we have made a contribution to the art community. With a million people, that contribution grows exponentially.

We are selective of the Artists we showcase, and the body of work we represent. In fact, we only showcase one or two works by the Artist that serve as an entry point for our members to explore that artist further, both on and offline.

What clearly distinguishes AAD is that any of our members can rate, comment on, and directly impact an Artist's success. This provides an unparalleled connection between Artists and people who love art. All it takes is a account to influence and make a contribution to the art community as a whole.

This is who we are


Geoff launched along with Dave in Feb. 2007. Since then he has hand selected every artist you have seen on the site. After 2681 consecutive days of posting artists, he still gets excited to find a new artist.

"Dave and I started Artist A Day because we love art. I'm an engineer so I guess it's one of those things where you admire those that have talents you don’t. I'm certainly don’t consider myself to be visually creative so getting to meet, and help artists is really something I enjoy. The goal from the beginning was to help artists gain exposure to a global audience of people who love art. Since most artists have a difficult time marketing themselves, I'm happy to apply what I know to an area that I love."

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Dave Pitman graduated from East Carolina University with a BFA in Painting and Drawing. Today Dave still paints but uses this same passion for combining color, composition, and fine art photography at his Connecticut based design firm 485,inc.

"I never liked Math. Math is black and white and absolute. Everyone will always arrive at the same answer. There is no discussion. No different perspective. In art, 100 people can look at the same piece of art and come away with 100 opinions–each unique to that individual. There is discussion in art. There’s emotion and passion in art. An artist has the unique ability to create something that causes a reaction in it’s viewer. It could evoke an emotion, recall a memory, a thought or change someones view entirely. Art is a powerful thing."

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Kai can best be described by the acronym, GGTHA or good guy to have around. He loves art, and the general concept of art in everything he does, which includes being a partner in a diverse range of companies from real estate, to high tech, to beauty.

"I was fortunate to become involved in Artist A Day. Fortunate because it gave me a more direct view into the contemporary art community, and the shear amount of talent that goes unrecognized everyday. What is specifically rewarding about Artist A Day is that we have the opportunity to generate massive exposure for an artist in one day, to a global audience. I don't know of anywhere else, online or otherwise, that does what we do, specifically in an altruistic way."

Most importantly, we are making a mark on the art world

David G. Baker

Hancock, ME

"Thank you Artistaday! When I think about just how many new people saw my work when I was featured I am blown away--on my own website the traffic was 20 times what it would be on a typical day! And the feedback from subscribers has been wonderful and encouraging."

Kevin Box

Santa Fe, NM

"Artist A Day created such a buzz that it took a month to follow up with all the leads they brought to our website. A year later I still have collectors, designers and enthusiasts contacting me with interest that originated from Artist A Day. Thanks for the feature and for the extra business. Keep introducing us to new artists every day! All I can say is, when can we do it again?"

Katelyn Alain

Brooklyn, NY

"I was contacted left and right from art buyers and enthusiasts. I don't normally have that kind of traffic or reach- it was a real boon to be featured. I had no idea it would create such a buzz! It's also educational for an artist to know what other people see and how they respond to the work in the comment section. Thanks for introducing my paintings to so many new art lovers!"

Rondle West

Cincinnati, OH

"I was able to show my work to the director and curator at the Miami University Art Museum. This recognition helped add credibility to my work early in my career and it resulted in the museum purchasing one of my sculptures for their permanent collection."

Alison Cherry

Toronto, ON, Canada

"Getting recognition as an artist can be difficult, especially when you are in the early stages of your career. Being featured on Artist a Day has been a great experience for me as it has helped my work to gain exposure to a wider audience and has provided me with opportunities I might not have had otherwise."

Nolan Haan

Fort Lauderdale, FL

"The thrill of 'going viral' is every artist's dream, and being featured on provided that rush. I watched my web stats in real time and was awestruck as hundreds of hits a minute came in from all over the world. After three days of exposure, over 5,000 visitors had downloaded 56,000 pages on my website. I am truly grateful for AAD's efforts on behalf of artists. It is now my homepage, so every day I have the pleasure of meeting a fellow artist."

David Atkins

Dorset, UK

"Artistaday was a great opportunity for me. It was an excellent way of introducing my work to a new, worldwide audience. Showing my paintings for one day resulted in a rush of feedback, hits on my website and emails from around the world. The comments were extremely positive and wonderful to read. I felt that what I do creatively was very much admired and appreciated. It was a huge boost and one that is continuing to get me more interest."

KC Collins

Charleston, SC

" is a wonderful website that not only promotes artists, but is a tool for people to discover new and exciting art from all around the world. After being featured, my website traffic went up by over 1,500%, and the opportunites began pouring in...and haven't stopped since. Artistaday is my new favorite website, and I look forward to seeing the artist featured each day!"