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Joshua Suda

Suda subtly seduces his audience with his play between ultra-photorealistic representation and haunting, or sometimes humorous, fiction. This play invites onlookers to participate in an intimate dialogue with his paintings, pushing us to question the boundaries between art and 'real" life. Suda's exceptional technical virtuosity blends meticulously with a shot of finely tuned…

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What people are saying

"Saw your work at the now defunct portrait gallery in Santa Fe some years ago, and never forgot it. Would love to do a small commission."


"Very nice. I really like the color focal point, but the black and white is just as beautiful. Strange, but absolutely stunning."


"Her taste in eyes leave a little to be desired, but then again who am I to pick and chose.? "Beauty, after all, lies in the 'eye' of the beholder.""

Harold Higgins

"Great modernist spin on Trompe l'oeil. I also liked how the portrait of the girl in hoop earrings somehow evoked generational mirroring, as though the ripped photograph was the grandmother or mother a"


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