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Angelina Chavez

Angelina Chavez’s personal work focuses on family, motherhood and interpersonal relationships. ‘Photography allows me to go beyond observation, it makes me look twice, trying to capture the special something that makes the difference,’ she says. Truth and simplicity are what she aspires to. She regards her current, long-term project as portraying her family,…

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What people are saying

"Ominous and stunning."


"Very beautiful and sexy curves. Also kind of dark,which I like."


"The Art is good, conveying a search for the only Truth we each possess and can eventually figure out: our own true self. Who am I? The other truths, trying to know what's really going on around us an"


"Excellent work. A tour of this photographer's website is really a must before critiquing. She is a rare talent in that she is adept in nearly every genre of photography. She is impressively gifted at "


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Fernanda Veron


Alberto Seveso


Salvatore Alessi


Mario Rossi


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