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Yvette Molina

Yvette Molina approaches her paintings with the precision and curiosity of an 18th century botanist, training her eye on both the cultivated and the spontaneous, improbable eruptions of plant life she encounters in her surrounding urban environment. Her 'portraits" of various plants and flowers come primarily from her own garden and immediate neighborhood…

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What people are saying

"i would absulutly hang these in my house. Great color scheme"


"Beautiful work. Well observed. With reference to an above comment; truth is beautiful if you experience its wholeness and not sliced up by science (partiality). It is simply current vogue in Art to re"

Sarah Smith

"That was an amazing post, and it earned you a new RSS subscriber. Keep up the good work!"

Cesar Moves

"Yes, pretty, but rather boring in large amounts."


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