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Pat Perry

Pat Perry is an artist and illustrator from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Colorful people, music, and the ordinary streets of the Midwest are his greatest inspiration. Although he is happy to be able to speak and have an audience through his artwork, Perry does his best just to listen and learn from his surroundings.…

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"I love the idea of illustrating thoughts ... or moods .... The interiority of despair or confusion. A series ? Colour or Monochrome. Brilliant Love it ! Shared it on my facebook page - I hope that's o"

Chris Everest

"The sketch above is incredible. It says so much -- and I imagine it says things differently to everyone who looks at it. Beautiful Beautiful."


"Inspiring.. Are there prints available to purchase? Original for sale? Just curious. Thanks."


"Love it ! It's very unique technique! I feel bad for that poor lady. It seems that she has a miserable world in side her head and mind:-("


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