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Nadia Lazizi

My paintings centre around figurative representations of the human form. I work predominantly with oils on canvas/linen. I seek to represent and capture a fleeting moment in time, a transient image of contemplation that is a combination of dreams and reality. This is achieved by a careful construction of mood and…

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What people are saying

"I love your work Nadia it's breathtaking..... I am preforming arts, you work fits me..."


"This is beautiful and very haunting in a way. the different shades and textures and devine and it's vrey capitvating ina such a way that's undescribable."


"MY SLIGHT CRITIQUE pic a; relaxed at the warmth of peaceful pleasure. pic b; affinity to intimate ideas and custom."

coin iruebenebe

"i had to linger here---taking a closer look. i wanted to know more. then i read, "The play of light and shadows conveys an effect that is both welcoming and remote..." now i know why this art"


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