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Rondle West

Rondle West is mostly self-taught. His assemblage sculptures reflects a fondness of found objects and consists of metal, wood, toys and spray paint, as well as different types of adhesives. He uses cartoons characters, pop culture references and science fiction or technological elements—all forged into one statement on religion, evolution and science—and the…

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What people are saying

"I see it as a stretch to say West is ripping off Kulski. Yes, they are both working in assemblage but the emotional content is different."


"have to laugh at people who claim he is copying someone else...that would mean that everyone who paints a sunset is copying someone else because a sunset has already been painted. Each individual crea"


"same themes, same mounting techniques, same composition but not the same imaginative quality as Kris Kuksi. I guess you cant teach imagination."

Frank Armstrong

"The art works of Rondle West and Kris Kuksi have absolutely nothing in common. All appearances of similarity are illusions. All claims of ownership are delusions."


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