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Alexander K-Robinson

Alexander K-Robinson was born in Berlin but currently lives in Bristol. He works in various media, from painting and printing to sculpture and construction. Yearning for change, Robinson abandoned a career in psychology to pursue the arts"a change of direction which eventually led him to his present task of creating objects of art…

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What people are saying

"These are beautiful! especially the first one. I would pay good money for a work of art like that"


"Very nicely done , it appears the man under water is doing things that need to be done on the surface ... in the light of day. Thanks for sharing"


"I will return here again ...and again ...and again. Only a single extended, exploration of this art is not enough. Thank you, Mr. K-Robinson."


"I love love love this so much! I've seen projects and pieces like this done before but never quite so captivating. This is beautiful. I love it!"


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