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Simon Shawn Andrews  White Rock, BC, Canada


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'Adoration machine'
'Apollo and Issa'

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About Simon Shawn

Simon Shawn Andrews is a painter based in White Rock, BC, Canada.

Simon explains his work by saying, “Many of my themes deal with birth, death, love, sacrifice, spiritual things like the afterlife, sin, loyalty, and of course nature and the marvel of the human body. I think that Greek mythology and biblical themes are particularly inspiring and still relevant today. Much of my work is ambiguous and almost completely abstract. I prefer to give impressions and feelings of things and to let the viewer enjoy the aesthetics of the work rather than looking for comparisons to what a camera might see. My art comes from a place that is hard to define and the mediums I use are well suited to the way I express the things that are important to me. My hope is that others will enjoy my art as much as I did in creating it.”

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