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John Clark  Cambridge, UK


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'Figures in a landscape'
Oil on canvas
'The Sleep Of Reason'
Oil on canvas

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About John

John Clark is an artist based in Cambridge, UK.

John explains his work by saying, “I paint people. They are usually imagined, occasionally remembered and sometimes they are models; fragments of bodies that I have found and/or built.
Whatever the source, the work proceeds with some urgency as if it were a hunt. Meanings percolate gently through the mixing; attaching and detaching themselves as the arrangements shift. I exert little control but take notice and what I notice I paint. I suspect that at the heart of the process is a question of identity, allied to a suspicion that the real world is as much a product of desire as it is an object. In recent work I have looked more and directed less. The paintings have become smaller and simpler. The larger groupings have given way to smaller studies that sit somewhere between still lives and anatomies. Heads float in space, arms lie on planes, figures drift.”

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